The Name Leingang

And now to the Name Leingang:

Leingang means : people, who goe on the “ Leinpfad “ (Line or Rope-Path)

The Name Leingang originated in my opinion as following:

In a time, when people got names due to the characteristics they had or from the type of job they did, there were people, who pulled ships with long ropes along rivers upstream. They either used their horse teams or their own muscle-power, together with long ropes (in German: Leinen) This job has been called ”Treideln ”.
 On the button ” Treideln ”, you can find more pictures and information about this.
The Treidel-paths, along the riversides have been called ” Leinpfad ” ( Line-path, it means: path, on which people goes with ropes, in German: Leinen or Seile )
Some years ago these Line paths existed mainly here in our region along the river Rhine. For example in Leimersheim (6 km away from Rülzheim). In the meantime, they are now called ” Wasserwirtschaftswege ” and are used for watching and monitoring of the riverbanks.
The following picture, its original is in the museum of the city of Vienna/Austria, shows a contemporary painting, the ” Treideln ” done with a horse-team

This technique is very ancient, already depicted on old Egyptian wall paintings, on how ships are pulled upstream with ropes from the riverbanks.
These people, who went on the Line-paths pulling ships upstream, per horse - team or by their muscle-power, are in my opinion the first ” Leingänger ”, from where  the name Leingang evolved (could mean:  people, who go on or with Leinen (ropes).  Also: people, who go on or to the Leinpath ).
This could be a reason, why just here alone, in the region
Bellheim, Ruelzheim, Leimersheim, Kuhardt und Hördt, reside many Leingangs for generations. These villages are located near the river Rhine, south of Speyer, and we must  note the historic fact, that the ”Treideln”  - the pulling of the ships upstream - couldn’t done here by horse-teams, but by manpower only, because there were no well designed ”Treidel-paths ” or ”Lein-paths” ( see page Treideln 1 and 2 ).
Many Leingangs emigrated from here to Russia and America during the 15th to 18th century. (On record in the town archives of the Town Landau/Pfalz, approx. 19 km away from Rülzheim).
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