The Name Leingang

Here now the next Version about the possibly origin and meaning
 of the name Leingang:

Leingang is a Name for anybody, who goes on the line (on the Rope):

Our Namesake from the U.S., Robert Leingang (Seattle/Washington), has investigated and believes to have proof, that the Leingangs originally come from Austria. This must not a contradiction to the version of the Leinpath-people in Germany: In Austria too, there is a big River, - the Donau (Danube) - where also ships were getreidelt, indicating they had been pulled upstream with ropes on the Leinpfad

However, here is also a very important new thought. If the first Leingangs really came from Austria, then it is possible that our name not only could come from the ”Leingänger”, who went on the Leinpath, but it could also have a relation to the Austrian Alps:
Everybody has seen pictures from people in the mountains: together, connected with save-ropes, climbing to the tops of mountains and rocks.

We see people, connected with ropes ( in German: Seile or Leinen: Menschen, die an Leinen gehen = Leingänger?) .
Perhaps, the first ”Leingangs ”had been

mountain climbers or mountain guides, going up the Austrian Alps with their team on lines or ropes.

I think this is a very realistic version about the possible origin and meaning of the name Leingang and I am interested to hear, what other Leingangs think about it.

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