The Name Leingang

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You are on the home page of Stefan and Gisela Leingang from Rülzheim in the Southern Pfalz ( Palatinate, near Karlsruhe and Heidelberg).
We are sure – you re a Leingang, or there flows Leingang blood in your veins. Why else would you visit this website, where we like to engage in discussions about the origin and meaning of the name Leingang.

Everyone already thinking about possible origins of the name Leingang can find further points for debate on the following pages. We favour the first version (see: The Name 1): The Rope Trail Walker (in German Lein or Leine means rope). This interpretation is from a retired teacher in Sonderheim (near Rülzheim).
Perhaps you have a very different explanation about our Leingang name.
Your opinion would be of great interest to me.

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