The Name Leingang

Introduction :

Dear Visitor,
I attempted the following abridged version of my website due to the numerous requests of American Leingangs - people, interested to know more about my interpretation of the possible origination and meaning of our name, Leingang.
 You find here the version of 2007, in the meantime I collected a lot of further informations and opinions , which I integrated not here, but only on my original german site .
Please visit the more relevant german original-site with much more details and informations:

In this translation you are reading I tried to supplement the German text with notes ”( .......) ”, because some German language features need explanations for better understanding.

I like to emphasize that my website has no scientific background (I am not a scientist, but a merchant). It is meant as a common ground for people, interested to think about and discuss the possible origin and meaning of our name Leingang.
All I brought into this is my knowledge of German history and the German language.
If you have any questions concerning the theme of the website or have suggestions, please contact me.

Many thanks to Mrs. Carola Laroche, Canada, for her translation of my website to english and to Mr. Walter Soligon, Ruelzheim, for his support of later textparts.
The english of my own is not so good, therefore: If you find some grammatical errors, - please contact me and point out me any discrepancies.

Stefan Leingang

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